What even is economy, anyway?

I don’t get it.

I mean.. I do. I grasp the concept of “share the wealth” and “spend to grow” etc, but when a society is outsourcing far too much, is the economics of it all not somewhat unstable?

I suppose I’m saying that I understand what a healthy economy should be, but I really don’t think that it is what we are living with.

I often travel galaxies away whilst thinking about how many humans there are in the world who exist in jobs that do not, or very soon will not, require humans.

I think long and hard about how this could ever possibly change in a positive sense. I think about what jobs will always need humans – education, invention, science, art, medicine – to name a tiny few. 

Then I think about why so many people settle for other superficial redundant jobs that will soon be left to machines and robots.


More accurately, lack there of.

People seem to have no idea what they’re capeable of. They are, so often, not provided with adequate outlets for their more aggressive emotions and not properly nurtured through their sensitivies.

I feel surrounded by an epidemic of mental illnesses. I’m grasping at straws to understand why. I do not believe it to be natural, or just.

These people are suffering because of this society we live in. This outsourcing economy we “thrive” in.

What seems to always be at the core of depression?


We have created an economy that now feeds almost entirely on uneccessary outsourcing of skills we once honed. We have sacrificed life skills – and purpose – for what.. time? Convenience?

Now what do we have time for?



There is something I hear far too often, that now causes me to curl my lip; “This will create new jobs”.

Purposeless jobs. Jobs for the uneducated. Jobs to simply pay the bills – yet tax the soul.

This is the economy I see. This is our “blood supply”.

I’m just a simple 28 year old. The only thing I’m ever completely sure about is how much I don’t know. But I see things. I pay attention. I listen.

And I just don’t see this working for much longer.

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One of the many things we learn growing into adulthood, that no one seems to prepare us for as children, is that there are many forms of evil. Not being taught this is understandable; our elders want us to live as purely and unburdened as possible for as long as possible. We can take that as a kindness or lack of adequate preparation, but something that I am only coming to realise of late is that no one prepares you for all the evils that are seasoned veterans in the art of disguise.

I shan’t pour through the many lists of these evils, we all know how long they are. I am, instead, going to target one.

I am quite a film orientated individual. I find a lot of my character traits, morals and expertise have stemmed from a movie based education. All in all I believe I have been exposed to wholesome, ethical material that has taught me quite well. But perhaps a con to these pros is that I become easily immersed in not only the stories of on screen characters but off screen as well; the people around me. Eerily, this is actually an epiphany I have had just now, the moment I wrote those words… hmm. Moving on, I believe that others’ lives are, or can be, just as thoroughly moved by cinema as mine, whether they realise it or not. I also believe that cinema has great power to create gospel, mindsets and culture; at least in the western world.

So, when there is a common theme to most films and series over a number of years that is relative to genuinely serious concerns of the Earth, what can we anticipate will happen to the beliefs of the public on mass? When screen writers and producers are creating the same stories about the same battles happening at the same time on the same planet all resulting in the same way but just about slightly different individuals targeted at slightly different audiences, it becomes obvious that all viewers will absorb the same message. In this case I refer to the endless stream of post apocalyptic material.

I work at a retail store specialising in a smorgasbord of old and new films and television, and the amount of stories told specifically about shenanigans after the relative end of the world is frighteningly immense. What is more disconcerting is they are consumed at a bewildering rate.

I must pause for a moment to clarify that I am not of the opinion that any of this work is badly done; quite the contrary. This is an observation of something that delves far deeper than good casting, or groundbreaking special effects. These crew and cast members all do outstanding and admiral work; the problem I have is with the writers, and the Hollywood-ization of such situations without a thought spared for how it will affect impressionable minds.

We are a world of declining health in so very many ways. Not even ten years ago the environmentalist attitude was shooed away as something ridiculous and hippy. I am ashamed that I was led astray in this way, that I never took the time to educate myself and open my eyes while I was younger. It is very important that we all become aware of what the world could become if we do not act correctly. I see that these post apocalyptic worlds that we watch on screen are somewhat a lesson in that; but they have quickly turned into something that we are settling for.

I was completely blind to this until I watched a science documentary which included positive predictions on how the Earth can still be if only we rectify the damage done. It speaks not of a soiled, bloodied and ever-divided battlefield, but of a healthy, interconnected, thriving planet full of wisdom and ongoing long term achievements. It sent so many positive and hopeful messages in all the right ways. It leaves me with an overwhelming level of inspiration every time I watch it, and robs the breath from every friend and family member I show it to. On top of the wonder and fascination it creates it never bends to condescension. The core idea of this masterpiece is to speak to everyone, young and old, educated and not-so, and to teach them that a sustained and nutritious world is not a fantasy.

Only after watching this particular documentary over, and over, and over, did I realise how it is amongst the very few that is showing as a positive instead of a negative. I experimented with my ideas by bringing them up in discussions with many of my friends, colleagues and acquaintances. I was aghast to hear most of the responses to be not filled with, at the very least, angry motivation, but with defeat. So many of the most intelligent, educated and wisest people I know sat there, discussing things from impending global destruction, to worldwide war, to pollution and more. Some even believing that the best possible scenario for the world is for there to be an ultimate failure in all electricity and for the entire human population to be thrown back into the seventeenth century. To my horror I realised that every one of these people have accepted the end of the world as the only possible future for our planet.

My point is that if we give too much of our attention to the negative then it will consume us and become all we are. Whilst it is essential to be aware of everything, including the negatives, we must remember that we can all be good. We can all do great things. We can amaze. We can flourish. We can save everything, and we don’t have to lay down our lives to do it. We don’t have to become warriors, we don’t have to kill and we don’t have to defeat. We simply have to see.

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Friends, or frenemies?

So, it’s been a while since I have thought to put my words onto pap… screen. I have perhaps been too busy. That is a total lie, I am a single 26 year old with a full time retail job in Hobart, Tasmania. I have plenty of free time and enjoy a constant sleep schedule. Hilariously I find myself almost deliberately letting small things like buying groceries and doing laundry slip so that I may feel a bit like a student living in Manhattan; having no hope of keeping up with day to day living.

Anyway, that all may come up in a future post, today I am focusing on friendship and what that word means to me, and how differently it is represented, and how confusing that is.

Having worked in my current job for coming up to two years, I have come across many different types of people. I have also seen many staff members leave and new team mates join. There is a specific group, all who have since left the company, that perfectly represent my argument today.

These are people who I have had great respect for, they are all very responsible, professional and educated. They are well mannered and polite, civilized and seem to live relatively well balanced and stable (financially) lives. But I am one to study social interaction, and the conclusion I have come to with this particular group is that they are all very intelligent, but perhaps not very good people.

I can only elaborate on that point by explaining what true friendship means to me. It means, emotional support, kindness, unconditional love, reality checks, protection, care and things of that nature. Up until recently I was under the impression that this is what friendship means to everyone, everywhere. Oh, how very naive I feel now. The cardinal rule of modern society is, “everyone is individual, and everyone has their own opinion.” Ergo, every individual has a different opinion. If that is a safe equation to perform, then I must realise that not only friendship, but an entire sense of happiness can be completely different from one person to another. This is honestly far more frightening than enlightening in my mind.

So this group of peers seem to enjoy the way they treat each other, which consists mostly laughing at each others expense. Whether it be through a trivial matter or something seriously personal. I’ve seen them be angry at each other, I’ve heard them judge one another (and everyone else around them). I’ve heard them say horrible things about people, things that real enemies wouldn’t say to one another. I have stewed on these people for some months now, and I cannot help but want to separate myself from them forever more.

They appear to be the poster children for “With friends like these who needs enemies?” and that is a horrifying prospect. I have friends who mix with those people, truly dear friends who I adore and love wholeheartedly and whom I feel deep emotional connections with. How can they stand it? It makes me terrified that my mind is instead of growing into an intelligent, sociological, cohesive thinker, just a ball of nonsensical chaos, and I am at the mercy of my own rash, redundant bigotry.

Should I feel bad for thinking these things? Am I the one who is truly being judgemental?

The only solid conclusion I have been able to draw is that if this behaviour truly makes them happy with one another, then I must be happy for them. All I can do is know that they and I are far from like-minded, and I have no obligation to be in their lives so I must simply live and let live.

Thank you for reading.


Your Adam.

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Thought: I want respect without having to look like a male model
Flipside: I want an attractive lover… I can’t ask for what I’m not willing to give. Plus I really want to do some social studies on before and after.
Conclusion: I must move beyond the fantasy of everlasting luxury and accept a life containing muscle cramps and dull, tasteless food as payment for chisled abs below a simply overwhelming collarbone region.

Thought: I’m wondering if ‘what I’m looking for’ in a girl actually exists in anyone.
Flipside: There’s good and bad in everybody. The real difference is between people who strive to be good before they settle for being bad, or as some people call it; ‘human’.
Conclusion: Never give up on improving myself, because that may lead to people who are doing the same.

Thought: I want the mattress to not be so hot underneathe me while I’m trying to sleep in hot weather.
Flipside: It makes the breeze from the fan feel that much nicer.
Conclusion: This all makes me feel glad I live in a town that has an eight month winter.

Thought: I’m uncontrollably comparing myself to everyone around me constantly.
Flipside: It causes me to learn a passive lesson when someone else makes a mistake that I witness.
Conclusion: Is gain through someone else’s pain evil?

Thought: I’m feeling like I don’t have any specialities. Nothing ‘behind the curtain’.
Flipside: It might be Launceston, but I only know about a small part of it.
Conclusion: Learn another language, take dance classes, become brave/drunk enough to do karaoke… etc etc.

Join me in my new game ‘Flipside’!
Make up some drinking game rules, or use it to be your own therapist. Enjoy!

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A Stranger to Myself

Some days I feel wonderful, seeing colours with added vibrancy and hearing the most heaven condemning noises as sweet symphonies.

Some days I feel like an enemy, like everyone around me will find a reason to attack in some way at any moment.

Sometimes I feel open and understanding, full of wisdom and tolerance. Willing to open my arms to comfort whoever may need it.

Sometimes I feel sadistic, feeling the ugliness in everything I see and being more than ready to grace any ears with my negative opinions of such.

Right now I feel shut off… like I should force myself into a solitary existance, not allowing escape until I destroy this feeling of evil and tyranny within the deepest corners of my heart.

The death of a family pet cannot promote such emotional decline… can it?

The frustration of wanting nothing, nothing more than to feel safe in the arms of another, to feel needed and loved, to be looked upon with admiration, lust and an enormous sense of value but feeling as though I am to be broken apart from this tremendous honour forever cannot encourage out my demons and cause me to act with such spite, arrogance and sloth… can it?

I am not excused for my actions, thoughts and feelings. It is within me to find the strength to carry on with such burdens that do not come close to comparing with the toils and stresses of one day in the life of a single parent.

I must take my punishments with a heavy heart but a strong mind. I must rely on myself to improve and evolve. I must look to myself for encouragement, support and judgement. I must remember that it is more important to do what is right than it is to be correct.

If I claim all of these things… I may one day be worthy.

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To earn respect, or to not… is that really the question?!

This has been an issue in constant attention for quite some time now, but it never ceases to abliterate my faith in my fellow human beings. I have always said that we cannot expect respect until we respect ourselves, and I know I am not the only one with that philisophical/correct view on life.. and maybe it’s this small Launceston town I live in but I find it a real challenge finding people with a happy medium between self loathing and vanity.
I was on Facebook a few minutes ago having a conversation with a girl (one of those people whom you’re really not sure how they got onto your friends list) and we got onto the subject of ex lovers. We proceeded to have a little competition to see who had the worst ex when we realised that both our most regretted relationships had emotionally damaged each other with a temporary lover phase of their own.
I do admitt, when my said ex was introduced to me I was at a very lonely stage of my life and was ready to settle for any female attention I could obtain. My actions and blinded feelings hence forth were met with multiple warnings from friends and my instincts. I won’t get into it too much but the point is I was naive, ignorant and lazy and I got betrayed. And honestly? I asked for it. But that has remained to be my only experienced relationship that wasn’t with an outstanding woman and it is something i have severely learned from.
Now back to the Facebook girlchild. She’s a bit overweight which she made obvious to be her greatest weakness, after disclosing to me that her ex’s valiant acts of wooing entailed the following; ‘You’ve got an amazing rack!’
Yes.. yes I know.. the irony there is any woman with an ounce of dignity would think of that low class sentence as more of an insult than a compliment but the measurement of the Facebook girl’s self worth is now self explainatory.
It’s not just her.. women everywhere are constantly looking at low life, abusing, wastoid undesirables thinking that if they can win their affections, it will make them feel much more valuable than if they were to win the affections of a gentleman who is generally polite and pleasant to all he encounters. As apose to the garbage who are so under developed in handling their aggression that they’ll break a shop window purely because their reflection looked back at them in the wrong tone of voice!
Now I understand that we all slum it from time to time and make shameful mistakes.. but dear God.. these destitutional creatures are really not worth the time and effort it takes to point your guns or fists or teaspoons at their faces. Just let them be and aquire something you can actually be proud of! Please! There are people out there who are equipped with brooms and are ready to sweep the hell out of some feet!

Thankyou for reading, until next time 🙂

Your Adam

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